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I believe we deserve something better.

I believe happiness is always available to us. I believe that slow + steady is the right way to do things. I believe we have to respect the body and boost it, not punish it. I believe we should go through change consciously. I believe we should be gentler with ourselves. I believe in rest over rigour. I believe in the right food for our bodies. I believe we can turn things around. I believe in aging beautifully. I believe in a peaceful mind, a healthy loving heart, a strong body and a life that reflects these qualities.


You should know that I believe in you. Seriously I do. I believe that when you are healthy and when you are happy, you are an incredibly powerful person. Period. You are patient, kind and generous. Filled with potential. Brimming with joy. You are tapped into your passions. You are accomplishing your goals. You love better. You live better. 

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