the importance of listening to yourself + why it’s time for things to change

Like all change, it started as a whisper.

Or maybe, it was the Vogue article on the reopening of the Ritz in Paris? You see, I was living in Paris + working on the reopening of the The Prince de Galles hotel, when the company I worked for won the procurement contract for the Ritz project…yes, that Ritz. It was a magical time in many ways; I was surrounded by dynamic + ambitious women, working on two Paris legends, communicating daily in my second language, dealing with men who did not think we had a right to be in the room, let alone at the table but we were there + it was incredible. Challenging? Yes! Worth it? Absolutely. I was a fully activated woman. Powerful. Autonomous. Unapologetic.

But it didn’t last, I would not see the end of either project; one would take another 2 years to finish + the other had not even started as yet {and would take 4 yrs to complete}. By the time I left Paris, I was homesick, extremely burnt out + clear that I had no idea how to make my success sustainable. I was ready to leave the pressures of the luxury industry behind me. And I did. I took some time off; got clear, got healthy + I jumped right into the deep end of holistic wellness for women + did not look back…until I saw that article. Sh*t.

Why aren’t you using all of you in your work?

My soul wanted to know the answer to this question + every part of me was trying to get it right: my mind kept countering that “I was giving it my all + to ignore the voice completely…” my heart kept saying, “no you are not Alicia, you have more to give…” somewhere in between my body was saying, “just decide, I can’t take this indecision anymore!” I was out of alignment + it felt awful + that was all I knew for sure.

Listen closely.

I know enough to pay attention to whispers when they begin + frankly, I am tired of going through what follows when you ignore yourself. I meditated + prayed for this whisper to be more than just a question. I asked for guidance + clarity + then I completely surrendered my need to know. Worry does not serve you. Either you trust something higher than yourself or you do not.

The answers will come.
The clarity. The direction. The confidence.

I was in the middle of writing my book when the answers came to me, one by one – the why, the how + the when – appearing in my brain from out of nowhere.  The truth is a part of me was missing from my work…holistic wellness wasn’t just about feeling better + healing for me, it was more; it was about reclaiming my power, discovering an infinite resource of energy + strength deep within + finding the courage to see myself as a whole woman, worthy of my own unconditional love + finally, capable of success on my own terms… Yes, I am ambitious, I am hungry, I am called + so committed to changing the world, one powerful woman at a time.

And so that brings me to this moment + this understanding: I do holistic wellness for your power, your potential + your purpose.  You can get caught in the loop of just trying to feel better + connected or you can learn how to connect + be better.

I see you.

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spring equinox: letting go + the release

I give you this to take with you:
Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can
begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting.
― Judith Minty

Spring Equinox Blessings to You.

At this time of year so much emphasis is placed on letting go, cleansing + rebirth. By the light of Spring, we are asked to abruptly undo what has been done in the darkness of Winter. To clean. To discard. To overhaul. To open up. Not just in the outer spaces of our lives, but in the complex inner space of the body, heart + mind. It’s a lot + maybe, for some of us, it is too much.

During the colder months, we hold on to everything; fatigue, sadness, disappointment, anger, frustration + stress. Everything intensifies. Our food choices are directed by comfort, not by fuel; we try to insulate ourselves, not just from the cold but also from our own truths. We become more sensitive without the warmth of the sun + the healing power of daylight. We naturally grow weary, fragile + tender…we get through so much of it by holding our breath…then Spring arrives + we are asked to change the flow of our living {the course of our being} + to exhale + to just let it all go, but…

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We release for relief. We release to be free. We can never fully let go until we fully release. We release to complete the process of letting go + to begin again.

EXERCISE: {you can lift this exercise by burning sage + letting the smoke surround you before + after} With that in heart, I invite to stand up, eyes closed, mountain pose + to start to breathe deeply. Get quiet. Extend your inhales + exaggerate your exhales. Think about unfurling, you are opening up again…come out of hibernation, stretch your limbs far + wide. From head to toe, gently rotate your joints in a circular motion. Begin to move. Jump. Dance. Run. Try Yoga. Whatever feels right for you. No matter what though, you have to move. Move until you feel heat rising + you are sweating; let the fire inside of you burn away all that you have been holding. Release. Keep moving. Start to think of all the unsaid hurt + pain + frustration + let yourself cry. Let the hot tears flow. Think of the sweat + the tears as a way to cleanse you. Release. Keep moving. Now in the energy of this heat + in this release, start to whisper “I am yours” {here you are speaking to your own heart}. Slowly grow louder. “I AM YOURS.” Release. Don’t stop saying these words until you can feel the strength of their meaning + the power of believing in yourself.

Keep Moving.
Keep Sweating.
Keep Crying.
Keep Declaring.
Keep Releasing.

Do this exercise until you come home to yourself. Until you uproot + release what you have held + stored in the corners of your soul. Let your heart expand. Feel the tension ease out of your body. Soften your mind. Let it all burn away + meet yourself again.

This is your Spring.


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