hello new year

We learned a lot about ourselves last year, didn’t we? Our hearts were broken + healed + broke again. At times I felt like I lost my way, my faith + my will…exhale.

And then, on the eve of this New Year, I remembered an important quote:

Love is what we were born with.
Fear is what we learned here.

Indeed. We already have everything we need for the journey.

The Life Journal will be returning in February of this year. Alicia.xo


{photo credit via pinterest}


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the right words, right now

And so we must face that we are part of the conflict that is unfolding. We are agents in this chaos. It is in us and we are in it. But we also have the choice to be a part of its resolution. We can and we must choose to not give into the negative political propaganda and nonsense that is generated to keep a society in fear – even though so much is frightening. We must utilize the resources of the soul: Prayer is everything its cracked up to be – I promise you. My antidote for the waves of rage that rush over me when I listen to the fools presenting themselves as qualified leaders is to retreat into prayer. I admit to you that I go through psychic nausea first but I have never claimed to be a guru or a fully enlightened being. I walk a humble spiritual path and I have as much disgust about liars and frauds and fools as any one.

No doubt someone will ask me, “What about faith? Don’t you have faith in how things will work out?”

Faith requires action. This is our world as well as God’s. We are in charge of this mess. People who think or believe or hope some off-planet God is going to dive down here and prevent all-hell from breaking loose is seriously mistaken. We are free to nuke ourselves, if that’s where our madness leads us. Free will includes directions to hell. That said, I have endless faith in the unseen benevolence of the Divine. Endless faith. That may strike you as a contradiction – so what. I don’t care. I live an interior place of spiritual mystery, mysticism, and the miraculous. I love this interior address.

So, look alive every one. It’s time to utilize the power of your soul, your consciousness and your conscience. And that is not a political statement.

It is a call to your humanity.

{Caroline Myss}

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a quiet life

I always carry a moleskine notebook around with me. It holds my ideas, inspiration, plans, quotes + sometimes just a word or two that I don’t want to forget. All the notebooks I’ve had find their way to full + then they get stored away for safekeeping…as I was closing out this last one I came across something I’d copied down that seems relevant to this moon + the state of things. Sadly, I do not know the author’s name {if you’re out there please let me know so that I can thank you + credit you for your gift with words}. 

These words – right now – are keeping me grounded + focused + clear in my truth + my heart needs it so very much. The world is changing + now more than ever, I am committed to living a heart strong life; rooted in love, compassion, grace + reverence for all. 


Want I want is a quiet life.

I mean a life that listens to other people, to my place, to silence. I want to notice even the smallest things, to stay immediate to my surroundings. But daily distraction can be so fragmenting, so addictive, and the kind of attentive patience I seek requires clarity of mind.

To find this clearheadedness, I must make a commitment to do so – I have to say NO to the constant frenzied consumption of needs {more often wants and excesses} and I have to make room for the quiet contented YES I desire.

{author unknown + photo by Edwin Andrade}

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my day at the w.e.l.l. summit in nyc

well summit 16


If you follow me on my instagram profile @soholisticlife, you know that I talk about synchronicity and manifestation quite a bit. I always tell my clients and my readers that when you start to see synchronicity {what you call coincidences} – and if you stay in alignment – eventually manifestation follows. The crucial key to this concept is the staying in alignment; the living and breathing your beliefs even when it seems as though things are not going your way. It is the commitment to self, and the unwavering faith in something greater than you, that can make manifestation a reality in your every day life.

Your life is yours to co-create. For real. 

I will be offering more on the subjects of synchronicity and manifestation in the coming months but for now I wanted to share a recent experience with you. One that kinda blew my mind and has inspired so much of the goodness I am creating for you as you read these words.


I have wanted to attend the W.E.L.L. Summit (WS) ever since its 2015 launch in Boston. Its focus on wellness, empowerment, learning and luxury resonates with me on such a deep level. Their approach and delivery is totally my vibe. I knew the event was going to be in New York this year but things got so hectic that I forgot to get my ticket and coordinate the trip. I accepted that I would be missing it and I let it go. Or so I thought.

Fast forward a little bit. My husband invites me to accompany him to NYC the second last weekend in October for a close friend’s induction to the Hall of Fame at his alma mater {Columbia University}. Sure, I replied, hoping that I would get to see my friend and mentor Latham Thomas.

latham thomas by syed yaqueen

the magical Latham Thomas
captured by the incredible Syed Yaqueen
{image via LT’s instagram}


“Wilderness resides within each of us. Creativity and anything we want to bring forth comes from one place – within us…Tap into the current of the wild creative feminine energy within you.” {Latham Thomas}


We arrive on October 20, I immediately text Latham to find out when she’s available. “Are you coming to the W.E.L.L. Summit?” she asks. {synchronicity} I realize I am in NYC and it’s the day before the WS begins. I jump on their site to buy tickets and, of course, they are completely sold out. D*mn. We decide to play it by ear. Please know that Latham is the reason I do the work I do {I will tell you that story another day} and I would go anywhere she asked for even a minute of her time.

On the morning of Day 1 of the WS, my husband asked what I would be doing that day? To be honest, I didn’t know. It was pouring rain in NYC and a quiet day of writing in a warm, quiet hotel room felt pretty right. I told him about the WS and LT, he says “babe, you need to put on your crystals and go!” And I did. I walked 30 blocks in the pouring rain and got there just before it started. I explained my admiration for the event, my work as a holistic wellness practitioner, my journey from Toronto to the doorstep of the Bohemian National Hall and my complete awareness that my last minute attendance might be impossible {and that was totally fine}. “Hold on one minute” was the answer I got from a very kind woman who then disappeared. I was standing there wet, shivering, hoping with my heart on the table wondering would happen next…

Manifestation happened.

The kind woman {Debrina, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU again!} returned with a gift bag and gave me the news, I could be squeezed in for the afternoon. Guys, because my ability to manifest still startles me on occasion, all of the oxygen left my brain. I was guided to the main hall and offered a seat. Naturally, I had to have a quiet moment of thanks for the abundance that keeps flowing into my life and plan my strategy to tweet, instagram and listen my heart out. Exhale. My event highlights below.

I happened to sit behind one of my favourite women in the yoga/holistic wellness world, Lauren Ash of Black Girl in Om. She is deeply committed to the importance and necessity of representation in the yoga/wellness community. This woman is all light and love. I view her work as inspiration for me to do more to be a visible presence in the space {this can be tough for introverts but important to consider}.We talked and laughed and agreed to connect again. Namaste Lauren.

lauren ash + I, captured by sara del monte

me {left} on cloud nine and the supercool Lauren Ash of BGIOM {right},
captured by the love filled photographer Sara Del Monte 
{original image in colour}

The summit opened with a brilliant talk by Dr. Drew Ramsey on the importance of food and your overall wellness/mental health. It will require another blog post to detail all that I learned {and loved} about this talk but for now, please do yourself a favour and watch his TED Talk – The Brain Intervention at the End of Our Forks → here and pick up his book Eat Complete to get a head start on dramatically improving your brain health and quality of life.

“your brain is a universe of possibility that can increase with the right food choices” {Dr.Drew Ramsey}

Guys, the W.E.L.L. Summit had an epic Clean Beauty Panel, moderated by the dynamic {mad real} Candice Kumai featuring Brandie Gilliam founder of the beautiful Thoughtfully Magazine, the deeply knowledgeable Siobhan O’Connor  health director at Time Magazine and co-author of the clean beauty resource No More Dirty Looks, the talented Alba Ramos of Sun Kiss Alba fame, and the passionately committed Tara Foley of Shop Follain. I think after listening to this group 2 things are clear, one, an annual clean beauty summit is needed and two, I really have to redo my makeup bag. Each one of these women have so much to offer and teach us. Explore their many resources to learn more. 

Did I say epic already?

{confession: every product I use on my face and body, in my hair and in my home is green…except for my makeup because the colour selection is so tricky – but Alba gave me hope!}  

WS16 Clean Beauty Panel

The W.E.L.L. Summit was a magical experience for me. The holistic wellness geek in me came away with so much. The luxury loving side of me picked up some natural goodies at the WS Party and Market. The woman in me was high on the frequency of divine feminine energy; all of these women standing in their truth and pursuing their dreams…{sigh}

The collective energy of this event is incomparable and I am truly grateful for everything and everyone that made it possible for me to attend.

well summit founder gianne doherty and I

Mad Love, Gratitude and Respect for Gianne Doherty
the lovely founder of  W.E.L.L. Summit.

magic happens @wellsummit. don't miss out next year. #epic #wellness #vibe Click To Tweet

p.s. I didn’t get to see Latham though; she was supporting a woman bring new life into the world…naturally. 

p.s.s. the swag bag was insane!

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real talk

The truth is, in order to heal we need to tell our stories and have them witnessed…The story itself becomes a vessel that holds us up, that sustains, that allows us to order our jumbled experiences into meaning.

As I told my stories of fear, awakening, struggle, and transformation and had them received, heard, and validated by other women, I found healing.

I also needed to hear other women’s stories in order to see and embrace my own. Sometimes another woman’s story becomes a mirror that shows me a self I haven’t seen before. When I listen to her tell it, her experience quickens and clarifies my own. Her questions rouse mine. Her conflicts illumine my conflicts. Her resolutions call forth my hope. Her strengths summon my strengths. All of this can happen even when our stories and our lives are very different.

{Sue Monk Kidd}

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