an exercise in presence

TRY: During the day, see if you can detect the bloom of the present moment in every moment, the ordinary ones, the “in-between” ones, even the hard ones. Work at allowing more things to unfold in your life without forcing them to happen and without rejecting the ones that don’t fit your idea of what “should” be happening. See if you can sense the “spaces” through which you might move with no effort… Notice how if you can make some time early in the day for being, with no agenda, it can change the quality of the rest of your day. By affirming first what is primary in your own being, see if you don’t get a mindful jump on the whole day and wind up more capable of sensing, appreciating, and responding to the bloom of each moment.

― Jon Kabat-Zinn; from the book Wherever You Go, There You Are

Hello Friends,

I’ve been working away on preparing for the launch of my Meditation Pusher™ brand in the New Year + planning events to connect with you more. I love creating these meaningful malas + wrist malas by hand for you; each time I cleanse + activate + deliver a piece I am transported to a place of bliss – Ānanda, because I know that this is the work I am meant to be doing right now… I create, I write, I communicate + I research…I work this love + I love this work. 

It has taken me a long time to arrive at this kind of clarity + none of  this would be possible without my meditation practice…the focus, the discipline, the non-attachment + the patience are all sustainable because I take my seat every day.

I cannot wait to teach you how to effectively do the same with Meditation Pusher™.


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The Next Layer Podcast™: an interview with Hali Schwartz on remembering who we really are, trusting our true self + why understanding consciousness is so important right now

“…effort is not necessarily struggle; effort is the continuity of your endeavour, the continuity of your faith & the continuity of your acting based on that faith…

Hali Schwartz is a yoga educator who teaches yoga philosophy, Sanskrit, yoga, chanting + meditation in various teacher training programs around Toronto. Hali has been immersed in the world of yoga for most of her life + has lead several pilgrimage voyages to the Himalayas, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Varanasi, Rajasthan, New Delhi + Mumbai. She is passionate about the subject of yoga and has truly found her calling in sharing this love {and her deep knowledge} with us.

The first time I met Hali Schwartz was during my yoga teacher training at Octopus Garden here in Toronto; she captured my attention {and my heart} from the moment she began teaching us how to speak Sanskrit + the true depth of yoga’s history. I had never met someone who felt so undeniably perfect as a messenger for the knowledge they were sharing; if you listen to Hali closely + long enough, you feel as though you might learn the secrets to life itself or at least the secrets to your own life.

For real.

Our interview really touches on a way of being + a state of awareness that I believe is missing from conversations about power, peace + potential for women + for humanity… when Hali says I think of all beings as me + me as all beings” I am reminded of our capacity to not only be more for one another, but to be so much more for ourselves.

Thank you for it all Hali.


In this episode we explore:

  • our limitless inner resources
  • the simplest explanation of meditation I’ve ever heard
  • the importance of women connecting in community
  • the imposter complex
  • conquering your fears + one of her biggest fears
  • the reason why I named this podcast The Next Layer™
  • and so much more…

to download + listen to this podcast anytime click here

To connect with Hali Schwartz:

  • you can visit her website here
  • you can follow her on instagram here
  • you can purchase her book One Without A Second: The Seeds of Yoga Philosophy from Root to Sprout here

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