spring equinox: letting go + the release

I give you this to take with you:
Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can
begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting.
― Judith Minty

Spring Equinox Blessings to You.

At this time of year so much emphasis is placed on letting go, cleansing + rebirth. By the light of Spring, we are asked to abruptly undo what has been done in the darkness of Winter. To clean. To discard. To overhaul. To open up. Not just in the outer spaces of our lives, but in the complex inner space of the body, heart + mind. It’s a lot + maybe, for some of us, it is too much.

During the colder months, we hold on to everything; fatigue, sadness, disappointment, anger, frustration + stress. Everything intensifies. Our food choices are directed by comfort, not by fuel; we try to insulate ourselves, not just from the cold but also from our own truths. We become more sensitive without the warmth of the sun + the healing power of daylight. We naturally grow weary, fragile + tender…we get through so much of it by holding our breath…then Spring arrives + we are asked to change the flow of our living {the course of our being} + to exhale + to just let it all go, but…

The magic is not in the letting go. The magic is in the release. Click To Tweet

We release for relief. We release to be free. We can never fully let go until we fully release. We release to complete the process of letting go + to begin again.

EXERCISE: {you can lift this exercise by burning sage + letting the smoke surround you before + after} With that in heart, I invite to stand up, eyes closed, mountain pose + to start to breathe deeply. Get quiet. Extend your inhales + exaggerate your exhales. Think about unfurling, you are opening up again…come out of hibernation, stretch your limbs far + wide. From head to toe, gently rotate your joints in a circular motion. Begin to move. Jump. Dance. Run. Try Yoga. Whatever feels right for you. No matter what though, you have to move. Move until you feel heat rising + you are sweating; let the fire inside of you burn away all that you have been holding. Release. Keep moving. Start to think of all the unsaid hurt + pain + frustration + let yourself cry. Let the hot tears flow. Think of the sweat + the tears as a way to cleanse you. Release. Keep moving. Now in the energy of this heat + in this release, start to whisper “I am yours” {here you are speaking to your own heart}. Slowly grow louder. “I AM YOURS.” Release. Don’t stop saying these words until you can feel the strength of their meaning + the power of believing in yourself.

Keep Moving.
Keep Sweating.
Keep Crying.
Keep Declaring.
Keep Releasing.

Do this exercise until you come home to yourself. Until you uproot + release what you have held + stored in the corners of your soul. Let your heart expand. Feel the tension ease out of your body. Soften your mind. Let it all burn away + meet yourself again.

This is your Spring.


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a note on the mother wound

Maybe the most useful reflection is to realize the gift of the negative. This points to the understanding that what was not given or was poorly given is also valuable because of what it elicits from you. Much of your wisdom comes from having to cope with the pain and uncertainty you experienced as a child. The negative mothering experiences helped form your priorities, taught you what was important… They are a critical part of your inheritance; they forced you to know yourself and to develop a sense of right and wrong…

If you do not receive the negative as a gift, if you see it only as suffering, you reduce your relationship to life and distort the richness of your life experiences. Moreover, you are far less likely to make your life all it can be. It is this failure to manifest your own values that would be the true tragedy. This understanding is a key to your own empowerment…transform your mother wound into an enhanced sense of aliveness and freedom.

Can you feel this potential in your heart?

{text by Phillip Moffitt + image via pinterest}

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heart strong inspo #2

so motivational

I have never actually been to the Wanderlust Yoga Festival but I am so happy they’ve launched a podcast of their talks; I am a big believer in listening to things that reset, empower or align you back to your higher self. My favourite episode so far is this one on The Ritual of Recovery by Elena Brower; the first time I listened to it I cried + my heart cracked open.


“…I was addicted to ignoring what I knew…”

—Elena Brower

You can find the Wanderlust Speakeasy podcast on iTunes here.

so worth thinking about

The art of being sensitive strengthens our resilience when we dare to love what-is. Loving what-is means accepting the truth of whatever moment we’re in. But loving what-is also means keeping our heart open long enough to feel and accept everything else that is happening at the same time, around us and beyond us.
—Mark Nepo

To read the entire article on the Art of Being Sensitive by Mark Nepo click here.

{art by Lourdes Sanchez via Pinterest}

so worth trying

Making Space for Intuition by Jill Willard; an 8 minute talk with a 1 minute meditation on clearing + clarity.

You can view that talk here.

Also, I am really enjoying Jill‘s book Intuitive Being: Connect with Spirit, Find Your Centre + Choose an Intentional Life; it’s a lovely exploration on how to harness the intuitive power inside you to achieve radical self-empowerment + spiritual awakening.

you can find heart strong inspo #1 here 

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eat. nourish. build your strength.

I began my journey in alternative medicine + healing with Holistic Nutrition; my own life had been dramatically transformed by changing the way I ate + I needed to understand why. Why did one set of choices lead to happiness, healing + health + the other set of choices lead to sadness, anger + illness? Could it really be that simple?

Nope. No. It’s not simple at all.

As I learned more about nutrition, I learned more about myself. My relationship with food followed the spectrum of self-loathing; either I was overindulging or pushing myself to the brink of starvation. Food was mine to control in a life that increasingly felt out of control. For the uncertainty, stress + overwhelm I could binge on the days when my life felt scarce + my soul was hungry, or I could practice self-punishment by depriving + delaying my nourishment until it hurt. And so it was. Eating too much. Eating too little. Then back again. It was a vicious cycle of feast or famine – mentally, emotionally + physically.

I was out of alignment.

Holistic nutrition education gave me the fundamentals for self-care; it turns out that how, what + when you eat really does matter. I mean it is everything. It impacts your capacity for joy, health, patience, compassion + love. It determines how you will show up for your life + the person you will be when you arrive. If you are like me + depression sometimes waits just outside your front gate, then you need to know that eating well can make a tremendous difference. Period. But food cannot + does not work alone. You need to eat mindfully.

Mindful eating helps us learn to hear what our body is telling us about hunger and satisfaction. It helps us become aware of who in the body/heart/mind complex is hungry, and how and what is best to nourish it. —Psychology Today

How you nourish yourself is how you love yourself. Every time.

The reality is, I really didn’t get better at eating until I began meditating; something about quieting the noise + clearing out the clutter gave me the ability to hear myself. In time, I knew the difference between what my mind wanted, what my body needed + what my soul craved but even more important, I actually trusted myself enough to listen + follow through. There was no negative internal dialogue after each meal. I was no longer pushed + pulled by diet industry ‘news’ or insecurity or life’s changing circumstance. Day by day, I was getting lighter, brighter + more powerful. My energy, focus + time were allocated with discernment + care. I felt better because I was better.

Only the beginning.

It’s been over 10 years since I made the connection between who I am + what I eat. I have a balanced relationship with food that is deeply rooted in self-love. What was once a salve for stress + anxiety is now a source of fuel + pleasure. My body is a temple that houses my soul; a spark of divinity that I know is whole, worthy + precious. I am mentally, emotionally + physically stronger. Every morning + every night, I come back home to myself through my meditation practice. I breathe. I listen. I love. My life is seen from the inside out + not, from the outside in + from this vantage point, I see clearly that I am already nourished.


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