The Next Layer Podcast™ interview: Kathrin Brunner

“…based on my experience and who I want to be in the world, how do I reach out to other people and make some type of impact that lifts us all up…”{K.Brunner}

Kathrin Brunner


“…start to spend a little bit of time with the emotions that make you uncomfortable…be okay looking at why you feel guilty, frustrated or upset…”

kb soap

{some of kathrin’s beautiful handmade soap}

“…health is being able to say to someone I don’t know what to do and I need help…”

wood + feathers

{collected feathers from her travels}

I have been a big fan of Kathrin Brunner’s for a long time. She has a way of captivating you with her knowledge in the most gentle + loving way. You come away from her richer, healthier + ready to make your own kombucha…from.scratch. {yup, seriously!}.

Kathrin invites you to explore your own layers by being so open + so honest about her own.


In this episode, we explore:

  • the importance of being honest with yourself
  • why asking for help is good for your health
  • holistic nutrition + why it’s better for you
  • the gut flora: what it means + why it really matters
  • the strength of vulnerability
  • the power of self-forgiveness
  • and so much more…

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For more Kathrin Brunner, you can connect with her…

  • on her personal website, by clicking here
  • or attend one of her lovely workshops, by clicking here
  • or by taking one of her yoga classes, by clicking here
  • on her instagram profile, @fortheloveofbody, by clicking here
  • on her facebook page, by clicking here
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