hello 2018

With every turn around the sun, I become more aware of the beauty, grace + abundance available to us in our every day lives. A New Year is so filled with opportunities to connect more deeply to ourselves, with each other, with nature + with the energy that surrounds us… 

I’ve learned that life does not have to be so difficult + feel so intense; we can untangle ourselves from the intricate web of our own thoughts, we can heal our own bodies + we can repair our own tender souls…

All of this is possible with deep inner work; the kind of inner work that takes patience, practice + purpose. The kind of inner work that shifts the mind out of the confines of the past, the darkness of self-pity + the fearful lens of scarcity.  The kind of inner work that strengthens the heart to lead the mind into the peace of the present, the power of self-worth, clarity, abundance + hope… 

The more we are present + the more deeply we breathe – the freer we feel. The world unfolds through the lens of our own perspective + if we consciously choose to see it all through a lens of love + compassion… our world becomes a better place…a brighter place.

To feel limitless, whole, calm + full of love + energy most of the time is to experience holistic wellness at its best.

Make this the year you discover that you are the most powerful person in your life.

Happy 2018.


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an exercise in presence

TRY: During the day, see if you can detect the bloom of the present moment in every moment, the ordinary ones, the “in-between” ones, even the hard ones. Work at allowing more things to unfold in your life without forcing them to happen and without rejecting the ones that don’t fit your idea of what “should” be happening. See if you can sense the “spaces” through which you might move with no effort… Notice how if you can make some time early in the day for being, with no agenda, it can change the quality of the rest of your day. By affirming first what is primary in your own being, see if you don’t get a mindful jump on the whole day and wind up more capable of sensing, appreciating, and responding to the bloom of each moment.

― Jon Kabat-Zinn; from the book Wherever You Go, There You Are

Hello Friends,

I’ve been working away on preparing for the launch of my Meditation Pusher™ brand in the New Year + planning events to connect with you more. I love creating these meaningful malas + wrist malas by hand for you; each time I cleanse + activate + deliver a piece I am transported to a place of bliss – Ānanda, because I know that this is the work I am meant to be doing right now… I create, I write, I communicate + I research…I work this love + I love this work. 

It has taken me a long time to arrive at this kind of clarity + none of  this would be possible without my meditation practice…the focus, the discipline, the non-attachment + the patience are all sustainable because I take my seat every day.

I cannot wait to teach you how to effectively do the same with Meditation Pusher™.


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