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Yoga changed my life. True story.

A story that is too long to share on this page but when we meet, it’s one I will happily tell you. After years of practicing yoga for my own health + wellness, I decided I wanted to teach others + pursued my yoga teacher training education.

After 500hrs of teacher training at the Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre with Pat Harada-Linfoot + Scott Davis, I very quickly realized that it would take me a lifetime to learn all the subtle complexities of yoga + its impact on our overall well being. Seriously, a lifetime. So, in the meantime, I want to share my journey with you…through my blog, my research, continuing education, group classes + special interviews on The Next Layer™ podcast.

What I know for sure is that we need the ancient wisdom of this practice in our modern lives; so many of us walk around disconnected from our bodies, we lack the ability to control our own mind {distracted + overwhelmed much?} + our fluctuating emotions rob us of the beauty of the present moment. All of this frenetic living deprives us of the power in our energetic field, leaving us feeling unhappy, exhausted, unhealthy + lost.

I believe that yoga + meditation are a big part of the answer to the universal question of what now? My experience has taught me that…

We need to have the courage to shift our collective wellness focus from the unattainable idea of balance,
to a more sustainable state of alignment.

Yoga improves respiration, energy + vitality. Improves focus, mood + sleep. Releases tension in your limbs. Maintains your nervous system. Increases self-awareness. Benefits your relationships. Eases pain. Encourages self-care + self-esteem. Drains your lymph system + boosts immunity. Increases muscle tone + strength. Develops flexibility + so much more. Aids in weight management by fostering a better connection between the mind + body.

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