I love what I do, thank you…

I just wanted to acknowledge the power of your words and how they have helped me on days where I feel uncertain or disappointed in myself. You have given me a lot of strength during this difficult part of my life. You have helped me to be kinder to myself and to remember my self worth. In the moments I feel weak, I know I can read your words and remember that deep down I have the courage to be true to my heart. —K.N.

I didn’t realize it, but this was causing me a lot of turmoil. I can’t continue to ignore what my heart is saying, so I’m working on getting more in tune with my intuition (I’ve kicked the coffee obsession) and I’m ready and willing to learn how to find a balance. —A.N.

The week after I met you was great! I was feeling inspired and motivated to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t put a lot of pressure on myself as I normally would have, and counted small wins as big successes which is a different approach for me.—K.G.

I have started to be kinder to myself, and change my mentality so that I really recognize that this is a learning process, and a journey towards my professional success. I have also started to stress less about my career, and focus on all the other beautiful things in my life that bring me joy. Setting boundaries with my career and personal life has been very helpful.—R.CS.

Let me tell you this if nobody else has… you are the m*thaf*ckin’ G.O.A.T. Your level of thoughtfulness and consideration in the work that you do is bar none… from 900+ miles away, salute!

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