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If you’re reading these words, perhaps it’s because something has kicked open the door for you, and you’re ready to embrace change. It isn’t enough to appreciate change from afar, or only in the abstract, or as something that can happen to other people but not to you. We need to create change for ourselves, in a workable way, as part of our everyday lives.
― Sharon Salzberg

Learning to meditate with me is a deep commitment to you. For you.

It is the choice you make when you finally understand the freedom + power of taking responsibility for your life. This is not about assigning judgement, shame or blame. This is about taking back your power. All of it. Deciding that your past, your future, other people + your circumstances will not define you nor can it control you. You can be done with the weight of carrying what does not serve you. It is time for you to heal, to grow, to let go + to forgive.

Guided meditation facilitates your natural ability to release stress, to find strength, to build confidence, to let go, to focus + to go through change with ease. By enhancing your guided meditation session with my intuitive counsel, we are able to apply this proven ancient practice to your modern life.

In time, you will notice the ripple effect that my guided meditation service has on you, your health, your relationships, your goals + your success. You will discover your own power, peace + potential..

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