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Our true nature is that of infinite spirit. The feeling of limitation is nothing more than thoughts within the mind. When we can silence the mental noise, we become truly unlimited. 
– author unknown

Guided meditation with me facilitates your natural ability to release stress, find strength, focus + go through change with ease. You will learn to set healthy boundaries. Your confidence will grow. You will learn to conserve your energy + not be influenced by the energy of others. You will no longer feel pushed + pulled by your life.

Learning to meditate in the company of women you know, and love, is an experience unlike any other. Together, I will teach you how to meditate or {for returning clients} how to deepen your practice. In our session(s), you will learn the profound benefits of meditation, how to cultivate your personal practice, a specific meditation + when to utilize this powerful tool in your everyday life. We talk. We laugh. We learn. We breathe…and sometimes we heal.

The strong feminine energy combined with the strength of this ancient practice, facilitates healing, growth, empowerment + self discovery.

Meditation is the beginning of everything you want. You host. I teach. Together we help women harness the power of the mind.

To experience meditation with me…

1. Select Theme: Power ◊ Peace Potential

2. In Person | 60 – 75 minutes | Toronto | Women Only

  • private groups $30 p.p. {5 person min. | 10 person max.}
  • women’s non-profit or charitable groups $10 p.p.
    {5 person min. | 10 person max.}

3. How to Book Your Group Meditation + Workshop Session 

  • please complete + submit your session booking form by clicking HERE.

for more information please contact me by emailing me here or by clicking the ‘let’s talk’ button to the right or you can phone me at 647-933.5537. 

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note: all prices in CAD. all bookings are final sale. 48hr cancellation policy.

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